Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ways you can help us

Here is an out of order list of ways you can help us. We appreciate all those who stand behind what we do.

1. mention "All the Day Holiday" or "@AtDH" in a tweet from your twitter
2. become a fan on our facebook page (www.facebook.com/AlltheDayHoliday)
3. play the songs on our MySpace page
4. post a comment on our MySpace page
5. post videos of us on YouTube
6. share YouTube videos of us with your friends
7. write about us on your blog or forum
8. burn a copy of our CD for a friend who hasn't heard us
9. visit us at a show when we are in a city near you
10. are you following us at www.twitter.com/AtDH ?
11. visit THIS blogspot on a regular basis
12. purchase our CD from a store or online
13. bake food for us (you probably think we are kidding) when we are on tour
14. offer us a place to stay when we are on tour
15. talk to us
16. wear our shirt(s)
17. talk ABOUT us to a stranger
18. show someone a small amount of love..ask them how they are doing, and listen with your full attention and show them you care.
19. if you are in a band, lets do shows together...unless you are Metro Station
20. there needed to be a 20, but know that all of the previous listed things truly would help us. We like to think of this band as a community, and can't and won't do this without you. We are just 4 guys who love to play music, and are excited for the journey it has created for us (and is still creating).



  1. check it dudes, we are friends of michael's and we'd love to hang with you guys when your back in town, maybe do a couple of local shows (we are daytoners). check us out dudes!


    and i do like 15 of those things daily dudes. keep up the great ministry. :)


  2. It would be awesome to do a show with you, and if thats something your serious about, I'm all ears (joey@gaezzetti.com) - I play with this guy: myspace.com/danwythoff

    I plan to do more, because I love you and your CD, but so far I wrote this show review and CD review. Much Love, Joe